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How much does it cost to get a wedding dress altered?

It varies from gown to gown. Some gowns have a lace hem with eight layers and others are satin with three layers.

I thought I would elaborate a bit...

There is no set price for alterations because not all gowns are made the same. Bridal gowns are complex works of art. Designers use different fabrics and lace, some gowns are adorned with glass beads, pearls and swarovski crystals. Every gown is a new adventure to experience when you alter it. Carefully removing lace appliqué or beads, and sometimes these items are glued on a gown. All of this takes time, some gowns can take up to 40 hours to alter. We don't rush while we work because we're working with delicate materials.

For example, sometimes a bride needs to alter the hem on her gown. Said gown can have a lace border with peaks (as high as 10", see image) and valleys, this will be expensive because that lace is removed very carefully by hand removing every stitch. While other gowns also with a lace border about two inches wide all around making it easier to remove. Same job different amount of times to alter.

Another example.

Shoulders. Maybe your gown has spaghetti straps, great! Other gowns have beautiful lace appliqué on shoulders and that takes time to remove and apply. Two extremes but this is something we see every week.

Please email for a quote, send along a few images of your gown or a link to your gown. This will help us send you a quote.


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