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Wedding Gown Sample Sale, Buyer Beware...

Sometimes it's hard to understand that business is business when you are making such a personal purchase. Five years I've been in the wedding industry I've seen people and heard of people who flat out lie for your business. Maybe you have to be a good liar to be a good sales person...

But there are a few things you need to know before you buy that sample dress.

1. When is the end of the sale? Most stores will let you buy a gown a week after at the sale price because they want your business and they want to get rid of stock. Try looking online maybe they will price match if you find it online.

2. Look over the gown thoroughly! Make sure that you can get repairs done to the gown before you buy it. Most shops have an "As-Is" clause but they will go the extra mile for your business. If it's torn or missing pieces ask them to fix it or give you the rhinestones or beading. If it's dirty ask them to clean it. Also ask for a discount. My husband always says "You won't get it if you don't ask for it" its true.

3. Buy your size!!!! If the dress is not your size don't buy it. Don't buy a gown that is four sizes to big! I know that most girls fall in love with that gown but it's just to big. And this is where they get you. To buy the dress your sales consultant can tell you that alterations can be done. And they can but it's going to cost you, probably the same amount or more that you paid for the gown. If the dress is to big for you by several sizes and someone tells you it will cost $200 to alter the gown, that is nuts and make sure that they do the alterations for you. Because no one else will. You basically want someone to make you a new dress for $200. That's funny!!!!!

If the dress is small and it kinda fits, sometimes you can fix that. Eitherway make sure to talk to their alterations person in store or call someone. Never ever make that decision right them and there.

4. Alterations are a lot of work and you get what you pay for. I have repaired and fixed major design problems. From custom gowns to "the sales lady promised" and it's never a good thing. Sure you fixed the problem but the bride still has to come up with that extra money. Now don't go around paying a crazy amount for alterations. People are crazy making up stories about how they have been in business for decades and they were trained in Europe and it turns out they lied. I've heard it all.

If you're a smart shopper, shop around for that gown you love in your size and for alterations. Do your homework, you have time.

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