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Dance Party During Quarantine, the 70's!

While we've been on lockdown, we are still hangout via Zoom. I just recently hung out with my peeps at a virtual happy hour and it was a blast!

So when Mandy Mixes said she was hosting dance parties I thought to myself "Yes, queen!!!" Finally a reason to take off my day pajamas. Lol

Her 70's dance party is on April 10th, register at

So a dance party is an occasion to dress up, right? Here are a few images for inspiration and my pinterest board, I'm sure you have something in your closet.

I can't wait to see everyone.

Punk a la Vivian Westwood


Gypsy or Hippy style

Metallic & sequence clothing

Hot pants (short shorts)

Gypsy or Hippy style

Platform shoes

Bell bottom pants (flared pants)

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