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Making Masks

On March 20th I was watching the news it was being reported, our medical professionals where running out of masks while treating Covid-19 patients.

I started to cry, for weeks all we've seen is Covid-19 all over the internet and the news.

I got overwhelm, after about 10 mins I googled "How to make a mask? Whats in a mask?" I also found several patterns.

I had everything cotton fabric, non-woven interfacing and elastic.

I said to my husband "I can do this, I have the materials, the knowledge and the machines."

So that night I made several patterns and started making masks.

A few days later people started asking to donate, to buy masks and I started an amazon wish list. My friends and family believed in me and donated materials or money to cover any materials and shipping. I'm on day eight and today I shipped out 60 masks to New York City, Philadelphia, UCLA, Ventura county, local hospitals, local home health workers and friends.

Here are a few pics of this journey and follow my instagram, it's in the Highlights.

This is me sewing while listening to a training via zoom.

We can all do something to help.

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