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How much can a wedding dress be altered?

You can size up or down a couple of sizes.

Lets get into this one...

Sometimes you fall in love with that dress at the sample sale, but it's not your size. It's about four sizes too big, you buy it anyway because the sales girl clipped the dress back on you and now you've seen it and you're in love!!!!

But altering a gown so much is like making you a new gown and you're going to pay for it. You will also loose some of that detail you love so much. What you thought you were saving on buying the sample gown you'll pay for in alterations.

My rule of thumb is "If you don't fill out the bust don't buy it! " This also goes for a gown that is too small. I can not make that bust bigger. I can add a modesty panel and it will be lovely but it will change the look of your gown.

I'm not saying that its impossible I'm just giving you my professional opinion. Dee


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