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Ready for gown alterations?

You are almost there, you have the perfect man, the perfect venue, the perfect shoes and now the perfect gown.

You need a few thing for your first alterations appointment.

The under garments you think you'll wear with your gown; Spanx, a strapless bra, a corset and or a crinoline skirt to flare out your gown. Your stylist should have suggested these while purchasing your gown. If you are unsure, you can ask the alterations specialist what you'll need when you make your appointment.

Shoes, very important if you need your gown hemmed.

Take your shoes, not only the ones you plan on wearing for the ceremony but also the reception shoes. That's if you plan on changing your shoes and if there is a huge difference in height between them. You have to decide which height you want your gown hemmed to. The tall ceremony shoes or the flat reception shoe. A few things to consider are: do you want to step on your gown while socializing or dancing? Want your shoes to be seen while you walk down the aisle? Where will your take pictures, if in grass or sand will you wear them and sink in? All things to consider before you get your gown hemmed.

Bustling the train.

Do you want to bustle the train or carry it. Bustling is a personal preference. Also if you don't have a bridal party who will do the bustling, mom, friend or wedding planner?

What type of bustle do you want? An over bustle, a go to for most gowns, an under bustle the french look or an American bustle? All are great but remember if your gown has lots of lace and appliqué on the train, you probably fell in love with theses details so you might want to show it off.

These things you should discuss with your alterations specialist. Ask to see several options. They should be able to talk you through them and they should be able to explain which they think is best for your gown. You don't want to have the soggy diaper bustle look. If you are not sure about the bustle tell them you want to think about it. You can always discuss this option at your second fitting. Look up bustle options and be mindful of the day. Who will bustle your gown and will they be sober? I try to make bustles as easy as possible for exactly this reason. I've attended many wedding where the bridal party had to much to drink and have ripped bustle points.

Lastly never say yes to alterations you don't like or are unsure of. You don't want to pay twice for the work when you change your mind.

I hope this post has been helpful in what to expect at your alterations appt.

Bustles on Wheels.

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