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Want to get married but can't afford a wedding... No worries.

Speaking to a wonderful lady tonight, she said she couldn't afford a wedding but wanted to get married. I said to her," You don't need a lot of money to get married."

This made me think of writing a blog. You can get married and still have a great day.


Las Vegas, duh.

I've met some ladies who have gone to the bridal shop on the day they are leaving for Vegas! "No joke, I'm leaving at 6pm for Las Vegas I need a gown like now!" I love these brides. They take what they can and they love it. To them it's not about the flowers, the colors, the dj or the party. Their reason is Love. You can also tell all of your girlfriends and family to meet your in Vegas! Nothing like a weekend road trip!!!! After the ceremony you can hit up a buffet , Paris, Rio and Cosmopolitan have great weekend!

Justice of the Peace

A la Carrie! Super easy to plan this, it's not just going downtown. You're gonna celebrate!

Get a gown from your local department store or online (from a reputable website)! Tell your family and friends to meet you at city hall. Tell them that you will be taking a dinner cruise after the ceremony and you would love for them to join you. The cruise should cost them anywhere from $40.00 - $75.00 per person. Whoever can go will surely be there with bells on. This is a great way to have a great party and food for your guests without the huge price tag.

Another option is to call ahead to your local favorite restaurant and have everyone go dutch. Just make sure to let your guest know this before they commit. You can also register for gifts with this option no shame there.

Backyard wedding, one of my favorites!

This is where you get all of your friends and family involved. Not so much to pay for your vendors but to use their skills. Have a friend with a cool yard? Check.

Have a friend who is handy and can make an arch? Check.

Have a friend who makes great floral centerpieces and they can maybe decorate the arch? check.

How about a friend who can bake a cake? Or maybe just get cupcakes, done! Photographer, ask a friend to take pictures and or record. Set up GoPros around and let them record. For food you can get a local restaurant to cater and make it buffet style or you can ask guest to bring a dish or side dish. Maybe ask your friend to BBQ for the event. You don't have to rent chairs for a small ceremony because it's only going to last about 20 mins or so. Rent chairs and tables if you have a lot of people but a lot of the time, it's small and you don't need them. Plus there is nothing like standing under that arch with all of your friends and family around you, not formal at all. Just organic and filled with lots of love!

In case you are not sure what you want, you can hire an event designer to help you with your vision. Once you get the look down you get your friends involved. You can also check pinterest but sometimes you like to many things and you can't get your design right.

Save money with TheKnot wedding website, use an evite or create a FB event.

You can buy flowers from your local Trader Joe's or supermarket. Use silk flowers or just pick flowers from the yard!

Any of your friends can throw you a bridal shower before the main event. Presents!

People seem to forget that weddings don't need to cost a million dollars. Weddings just need to feel like you are surrounded with lots of love.

Please share with us your story of your small budget wedding!

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